Meet Cory Greenberg


I am a mom of three children, ages 9, 7, and 5.  When I was pregnant with my oldest, I read all the classics to prepare for his arrival, like “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” and the one that compares the size of your baby each week to a piece of fruit.  By the time he was 4 months old, however, my google history showed every book on baby sleep that had ever been published.  I wondered why no one had told me to read them while I was getting 7 hours of sleep, only interrupted by those quick bathroom breaks and adjustments of my giant pregnancy pillow.  There was so much conflicting information out there, and I was exhausted and overwhelmed with the anxieties of being a new mom.  I felt paralyzed by indecision as to how to help my son sleep better. Only by sheer determination and a healthy survival instinct did I manage to get through the next few months.  I did learn along the way, however, what principles and methods seemed best to fit our family, and how my husband and I were beginning to develop our parenting style.  

In the next four years I had two more children, and by the time my daughter was born, I felt like I knew how to develop healthy sleep habits from early on, and “sleep training” was not as complicated.  As the circle of moms I knew became larger, I heard more and more stories of first-time moms who had the same struggles I did with my firstborn.  I was able to offer words of advice from what worked for us, and point them in certain directions based on what they wanted for their families.  

In my life before kids, I was a clinical social worker, helping families who had experienced abuse and neglect.  I absolutely loved the process of assessing problems, devising treatment plans, and helping them spring to action.  I realized that my skills in that area, plus my experience as a mom of three who read every sleep book out there, would lend perfectly to the field of sleep consultation.

My Philosophy

I began my search for a sleep consultant certification program that could provide a path through all that conflicting information out there, so that I could help families do the same.  I found the International Maternity and Parenting Institute (IMPI) and related strongly to their holistic approach.  I do not subscribe to a “cry-it-out” or a “no-cry” solution.  What I do subscribe to, is a solution that fits YOUR family.  I have learned the ins and outs of all the major approaches out there, and will provide you with options that fit your parenting style and philosophy, particular sleep challenges, and the timing that you are comfortable with.  In fact, by focusing on the foundations of healthy sleep, many times those “methods” aren’t even necessary!  

I only offer one “level” of support for my main package, meaning you will have “VIP-level” communication and support from me throughout our time together. The greatest success with sleep work comes when we’re working together as a true team, which includes my availability when you’re doing the hardest part of the work. I’ll be available by text at bedtime for the first three nights of implementing the most challenging part of the plan. If your little one is under 18 months old and we’re communicating via BabyConnect message, I offer live feedback and answer questions throughout the day, especially in the beginning you’re getting the hang of sleep timing. If you have an older toddler and have an urgent question, I make it a point to be highly responsive via email outside of the bedtime texting option.