Sleep for All Consulting offers customized, comprehensive support for families struggling with their baby and toddler sleep issues.  We are here to lead, support, encourage, and reassure throughout the process because we know that sleep issues affect the entire family.  

We do not narrowly subscribe to a particular method and instead prefer to meet parents where they are.  This means we can design a solution that fits every family, because we honor their unique parenting style and philosophy.    

A restful night's sleep isn't too far away.


"The day I met with with Cory, my 4-month-old was sleeping in 45-minute chunks throughout the night and was clearly overtired.  With her help and support, my son's naps started taking shape (2-hour naps!) and his nighttime sleep steadily improved.  Soon after meeting her I got my first 8-hour stretch of sleep!  Cory continues to lend her support to me, and Beau and I are eternally grateful she entered our lives when she did!"  

Myra, mom to 4-month-old Beau


"I have recommended Cory to my friends with newborns for remote sleep consultation.  Although I did not meet Cory in person, it felt like we knew each other and she knew my little one well.  She offers both personal and professional expertise for sleep consultation; she is encouraging, respectful and passionate about solving sleep issues."

amy, mom to 2-month-old liam


"There are no more tears at bedtime! I didn't think it was possible to put my son to sleep and have him sleep through the night, but with her direction and compassion we are all sleeping again all night. I was exhausted and did not think bedtime would be peaceful again. Cory put together a plan that worked for our house and was sensitive to my sons fears. I would not only recommend her to everyone but tell them she is the best! Thanks again for not only your patience and compassion but for great night sleep!"

Beth, Mom to 3-year-old Matthew


"Cory's work goes far beyond just getting a restful night sleep. She helped us implement a complete lifestyle change for our kids. We have a foster son who is 18 months old and did not sleep through the night one time the entire first year we had him. After two weeks of working with Cory both our boys (3 and 1) sleep through the night almost 100% of the time. In addition to sleeping well and going to sleep earlier the boys behavior at school has dramatically improved. Both teachers have said that both boys are doing incredibly well. We have had to make some sacrifices for sure, but I would never go back to the way it used to be. Our family is finally running on all cylinders and it's awesome."

Ali, mom to 3-year-old jack and 18-month-old foster Son


"We loved working with Cory! She helped us and our 8 month old who was having split nights (waking up at 3-4am ready to start the day). She coached us through the process-her support was invaluable! She modified the program when she could tell we were uncomfortable or reluctant with something (i.e. CIO). Within 5 days our baby was sleeping till 5-6am (10 hrs) and by the end of the 3 wks he was sleeping till 7-7:30am! (11-12 hrs) and taking 2 good naps. He's much happier and so are we! Our whole family is more rested and my husband and I have more down time for ourselves."

mary, mom to 7-month-old creed


"Cory is fantastic! We loved that she "met us where we were," and presented options for how to improve our son's sleep she didn't insist on her way; rather she presented us with solutions that fit with our parenting style. Our son went from waking up every night at 11,1,3,5, and 7 to sleeping through the night in 3 nights with Cory's plan. It has been life changing. My husband and I are now getting a full night's rest, and our son is thriving! He literally woke up on day 4 from his nap with 15 new words. Cory knows her stuff and we highly recommend her!"

meghan, mom to 16-month-old ford


"We certainly gave Cory a challenge when we came to her for help with our 11 month old's sleeping, and she responded with the most compassionate, whole-approach to giving our little one the healthy, balanced rest she needed. She was a constant support to our family, and was able to tailor our plan based on our daughter's needs each day. We are FOREVER grateful to the gift Cory has given our family! Our little one is happier than ever - and we are ALL sleeping through the night!"

cat, mom to 11-month-old lily


"Cory is amazing! She helped us through TWO important milestones: returning to work right before the dreadful 4 month sleep regression and again at 6.5 months. She provided us the proper tools to get our son to sleep better than ever at 6.5 months and I couldn't imagine where we would be without her. She is well educated, extremely caring, and quick to get back with you. I am thankful for the recommendation I received and would pass on her superb services to anyone in need!"

meredith, mom to 6-month-old tomlin


"Cory is fabulous! Our 23 month old son wakes up in the 4 am hour and ultimately was not getting enough sleep. We worked with Cory for 3 weeks and learned tactics of how to get our son enough hours of sleep per 24 hour period. Knowing that he is getting enough sleep now to properly support his growing and developing body gives us piece of mind. I highly recommend Cory for all of your sleep concerns. She will give you her undivided attention and find what works best for you and your child."

lauren, mom to 23-month-old maddox


"We did a mini sleep consultation with Cory when our 10 week old decided he wanted to party all night. Within the first two nights of following her suggestions we were going for record setting sleep time at night (3hrs at a time to 5-6hr stretches)! We applied her advice to nap times and it is working great for those too. Even if you've read the Sleep books, it's nice to have someone to fully explain some of the concepts in those books and provide guidance on if they are right for your situation. Call Cory if you and your little one are ready to start building better sleep habits!"

mallory, mom to 10-week-old oliver


"I want to send a shout out to Cory and her amazing services. We hired Cory to help with our 7-1/2 month old (now 8) and getting him to fall asleep on his own. We rocked our little one to sleep since he was born and gradually found ourselves 40 minutes later with a baby still awake. She came to our home and throughly evaluated our situation, visited the baby's room and even looked over some Nest video's I sent her. She was patient, listened, gave advice and provided us with material to review after she left. She went though in detail what sleep training options she could help us with. From no cry to cry it out. She prepared a detailed plan for us to follow that worked for our family, which helped late nights when we needed a recap of what to do. In the interim she was available via text or phone call. When we started a method my husband was out of town and she supported me through the night(s), providing encouragement and helped me through the process. It was a success! All babies are different and adjust at different paces. We decided to follow the Sleep Wave, but we never really applied it because our LO was ready to sprawl out and get to sleep on his own. We (Mom) just needed to let go and let him figure it out on his own. There was some protest, don't get me wrong, but during those protest Cory was there to provide support. Her support was HUGE to our success. She was always available. He is now able to be put in his crib awake and fall asleep on his own for both naps and bedtime. THANK YOU CORY!"

crystal, mom to 8-month-old nico


"Cory is amazing! We had some sleep issues with our first child but "rode" those out bc he was our first, and I was reluctant to look for help. Once we started having issues with our second toddler (at 18 months) and with another baby on the way - we knew we needed help. I've always hesitated to reach out to ANY sleep consultant as I though it would involve a LOT of letting them cry alone - and I just can't do it. But after reading all of her reviews and getting to know Cory personally from school, we decided to give it a try and we will be forever grateful to Cory and her caring, personalized strategy. She really listens to your concerns, the type of parent you are, what you are REALLY willing to do. She mapped out a gentle, yet EXTREMELY effective plan that worked for our family that minimized the crying and the "just leaving them stranded" feeling. It was a process, but we followed her advice and steps religiously and we had an amazing result within days. We would see the progress every day and we knew we were in the right hands. She got my husband involved (and ladies - i highly recommend this!! worked wonders for us!) and our second toddler now falls asleep on his own in his crib - something I thought would be IMPOSSIBLE. Thanks to Cory - it is a reality now! I I am sure she'll be hearing from us with baby #3! :D"

aly, mom to 18-month-old marcelo


"Wow. I thought we were doing everything "right" but my toddler was still melting down at bed time. My husband and I read several books and were confident we could figure it out on our own. But with a new baby in the house, we reached out to Cory in hopes evenings would be just a bit calmer. Cory helped us put all of those "right" pieces together. She helped us create a sleep plan that worked for us and was very accessible and supportive through the whole process. Evenings now run much more smoothly. Even more, Cory has given us the tools needed to be able to address new issues that pop up (as they do with 3-year olds)."

lena, mom to 3-year-old alex


"Cory is a wonderful resource to anyone with child sleep issues. I thought I was reasonably well versed at the different sleep techniques - until I met Cory. She has read everything there is to read on different methods and philosophies, which is why she was able to tailor a solution that worked for our family, not just the Cry It Out method. She takes an integrative approach to fixing sleep problems, helping you think about what is going on with a child emotionally and during the day, and that was a game changer for us. Frankly alot of her advice just helped me be a better parent! She helped us come up with a plan that has done great things for sleep in our house - we can't recommend her highly enough!"

franny, mom to 2-year-old paige